Coordinators and Designers
Anchored by Love Events - Brittany and Kalina are young, stylish, and freaking awesome! Some of our most favorite weddings of all time were coordinated by them!

Stefanie Muse - Stefanie is one of our most favorite wedding coordinators in San Diego. She's insanely oranized yet incredibly laid back at the same time.

Courtney Tibbets - Courtney and her team are another of our favorites. They keep things on time and looking amazing while staying laid back and being incredibly fun to work with.

Erica Hinshaw - Erica and her partner Lauren are an absolute blast to work with. They are incredibly professional and undoubtedly extremely talented and knowledgable at creating a perfect event.

Evelyn Sell - Evelyn is incredibly easy to work with and unbelieavably organized. She has a cool relaxed personality and is amazing at keeping the planning and wedding day itself stress free and enjoyable.

Julie Scrivener - Julie is super fun to work with. She's hilarious and has been coordinating and designing weddings for at least ten years. She knows what she's doing, she's basically a wedding genius. You'll love her!

Jennifer Cole - Jennifer is an insanely talented floral designer, you'd absolutlely LOVE working with her.

Paula Rae - Paula and her team create beautiful modern floral designs and never fail to impress us everytime we shoot a wedding with them.

Hollyflora - Holly and Becky are simply wonderful to work with and obviously insanely talented. You'll love them we promise.

Aqua Vivus - Tom and his team of videographers are super legit! You'll die over the wedding videos these guys and gals create.

Amari Productions - You'll say "WHOA!" after you sit back and watch Dave and Mariah wedding masterpieces. Nuff Said.

Sean LLoyd - Sean is a very relaxed and crazy talented guy and his films are freaking awesome. We LOVE working with him and and his team!

Max & Molly - Max and Molly are rad, talented and freaking cool to hang out with. Their videos and editing style are super unique and they're masters at creating a film that matches your individual personalities as well as documenting the day as it unfolds.

Daniel Peterson - Daniel is one of our most favorite DJs. He's been a DJ for a long time and understands how to keep a party going. The most epic receptions we've ever photographed had Daniel at the helm.

Tim Altbaum - Tim has put together a team of incredible wedding DJs, you can't go wrong having any of them DJ and MC your wedding reception. If Efren is available hire him, you'll LOVE him.

Austin Hendrix - If you want to make sure the energy never wanes at your wedding reception then hire Austin. He's a master at reading the crowd and playing the right music for the right crowd. He's a super cool guy too, I guarantee you'll want to apply to be his friend after you work with him.

David Cutler - David is a relaxed super cool guy to work with and he's no joke when it comes to his skill reading a crowd and keeping the party going.

Photo Booth
The Nifty Booth - The Nifty Booth is our very own photo booth. It's a beautiful modern open air photo booth with a touch screen, social sharing kiosk, the ability to make animated GIFS and delivers gorgeous custom printed photos. It's always the life of the party.

Crown Point Catering - Crown Point Catering has probably the most incredible tasting food we've ever eaten at a wedding. Their presentation is out of this world and visually amazing.

Root Cellar Catering Co. - If you're looking for a completely unique take on food then schedule a tasting with these guys. They are incredibly nice, their staff is amazing and you can absolutely tell they have a sincere passion for food.