Do you edit all the photos?
Yes, every single one of them. Each image is edited and ready for printing when you receive them.

How soon will our photos be done?
Editing every single image to perfection takes a bit of time and we appreciate your patience knowing how eager you are to see everything, generally it takes about a month but we try hard to get them to you sooner.

Do we get all the hi-res images?

When do we shoot our engagement session?
Generally engagement shoots are scheduled six to nine months ahead of the wedding date. Sometimes sooner sometimes later, it's totally up to you.

What's a "first look" and when should we consider it?
A “first look” is seeing your fiancée before the ceremony and shooting your portrait session. It’s dope because you’re freshly ready so your hair’s still perfect and the bride’s makeup looks good and you get to schedule how much time is set for the shoot instead of getting what’s left over at the end of the formals. Consider a first look if your ceremony is later in the day and you really care about getting amazing shots. If you’re ceremony is earlier in the day, say 2 or 3 pm, try and shoot afterwards, the light is much better then and you’ll have more than enough time pictures before your reception starts.

Albums? How do I order an album?
Albums can be ordered within your package or at anytime you feel is convenient for you and your budget. Obviously an album that's ordered within the package is discounted and a much better deal. Getting your images on disc is great but an album is really the only thing that will last forever. When you order your album we will design it and submit the proof for you, once the album looks exactly like you want, we’ll get it printed and bound and sent your way. The whole process generally takes about three weeks.

Who are your favorite wedding vendors in San Diego?
We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing wedding vendors over the years, most are amazing and a few are literally terrible. We keep a growing list of our favorites on the vendors page of our website.

What are your favorite wedding venues?
Check out this link to see a list of our most favorite venues in and around San Diego: Our Favorite Wedding Venues